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How it works

How it works
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This is a very simple way to become a patient in our hospital. Below you can read about the procedure of the organisation, how it starts and how we take care of your 5 star services.

Step 1

You sign on our website what kind of treatment would you be interested in.

Step 2

We send you a general information about that surgery, about the risks and side effects as well, together with guide prices and we let you know about our latest special offers or discounts.

Step 3

You send us your photos (from the front and from the side) of the part of your body that you would like to reshape and the details of your current health condition.

Step 4

We get back to you with our high professional surgeon’s advice and with the final price offer.

Step 5

You confirm the price offer and let us know when you would like to have the operation to be performed, and also let us know about the price range of the hotel that would suits your needs.

Step 6

We confirm the date for you and at this point after making the final booking for the surgery you need to pay the administration fee.
Meanwhile we book the hotel for you.
At this time it is good for you to make a general blood test and ECG scan and a blood pressure check that can be done by your GP. You get the results that can be scaned in and sent to us, making easier the personal consultation with your surgeon.

Step 7

We pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, or immediately to the consultation with your surgeon.

Step 8

The day of the surgery. We take you to the hospital and assist you there as long as the surgery starts. At this point you need to pay the costs of the surgery at the hospital by cash or credit card (visa, master card). We will be there with you after the surgery is done. When you are ready to leave the hospital we take you back to your hotel.
You will need to go back to the clinic for check-ups, we will be there for you in these days also.

Step 9

After the doctor makes sure that your health condition is just as good as before the surgery, he let you go home.
You check out from the hotel, (all of the hotels accept credit cards as well) and finally we take you to the airport and say good bye.

As you can see from the begining of the organisation we are there for our patients and assist you during the whole stay!

Now you know how simple it is, so do not hesitate to ask us for further information and feel free to turn to us with any of your questions!
After you have arrived to your hotel in Budapest, a member of our staff will personally be there to welcome you. At this point you will review together all details of your schedule. For instance when will your first consultation take place, when will you have to check into the clinic and the exact time of your operation, how long you will have to stay at the clinic and when you can leave and return back to the hotel. Our staff will let you know the appointment times for your check up examinations. You will be informed regarding any special instructions and diet requirements before and after the operation etc.

After the review through your schedule, you will have your first personal consultation with your surgeon. It can take place on your arrival day or the next day but definitely before your operation. Naturally, a member of our staff will accompany you to all of consultations.