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How do you choose? Do you base it on price, quality, references, location or advice from our friends? All of the above are important factors to consider , but it is up to you to decide which is the most important factor.
The first and foremost important aspect is the professional background of the nose reshaping surgery clinics. On our website we only list clinics offering cosmetic or plastic interventions which have the required plastic surgery license and conform with the highest EU quality assurance standards.

The second most important aspect generally is the price. We have also done a thorough research regarding prices, and come to a very interesting conclusion. Lately it is affordable for everyone to have a nose correction surgery. It is very obvious that there is a rather significant difference in prices between clinics that offer the same quality services. This difference can be up to 70 % between the different EU countries. For more details about prices click here …

The third aspect is the location. Judging by the extremely high number of cosmetic and plastic surgery clinics, we can say that no one has to travel far to find a clinic. Most patients would not mind taking a little trip or short vacation in combination with their operation. This is especially the case if the total price of all medical treatments, accommodation and premium service would still be lower then having the procedure done at home.